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Fume Hoods




Airfoils are Type 316 Stainless steel ... standard!  Not painted metal as offered by the majority of the industry.  The same with exhaust collars!  Collars should be 316 stainless, not mild steel which has been painted or galvanized!

Not only are our materials superior, the testing is as well.  Superior finishes and performance.  Even factory testing on the entire electrical assembly!  We prove it and we provide a UL 1805 label on each factory pre-wired hood.  An important feature, particularly in those states such as Washington where the electrical authority will not allow connection to factory wired equipment unless it has been provided with an appropriate UL, CSA or ETL label. 

The features are extensive ... the benefits obvious.


Laboratory Fume Hoods have been designed to meet or exceed the American National Standard for Laboratory Ventilation and the American Industrial Hygiene Association standard as outlined in ANSI/AIHA Z9.5-1992. This performance has been verified through testing at an independent and certified testing facility that has conducted the tests according to the protocol established in the standard ANSI/ASHRAE 110-1995. These test results are available for review upon request.



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